Ten Before for the New Year! (Video Confessional)

Last Week and this week we played the new “WINTERIZED” version of the TenBefore. This had all new elements in it and the Media team has been working really hard to get this version ready for the new year. We shot all the green screen in December, Tripp and Dustin went to Colorado to shoot the “Grouplink” piece, and Matt killed it on the partnership look with Dave producing most of the videos.

Here are the details:

New Look and Fireworks:
It was my responsibility to winterize the TenBefore for this go around and I am happy with the way it turned out. So far we have done a summer version of the Ten Before and a Fall version. Winter couldn’t be missed and especially the start of the new year (fireworks). I love the addition of the cannon like firing out of smoke to explode the fireworks and to put the snowflake in place (Instead of the red star). I wanted to make the distinction between having it feel winter and having it feel like a SNOWY day. The countdown clock to me feels wintery and not SNOWY. I am already looking forward to spring. Matt followed suit with the colors and made all of Kelly’s elements the same tone.

The KidStuf piece was written by Donny from Kidstuf and basically wanted to make awareness for KidStuf for the new year. I love the girl actor. She did amazing and the kids did great too. The premise for this video was that parents could use some help when it come to teaching the bible and to attempt to do it in a KidStuf like manner themselves is really fruitless. Tripp directed and editing this with Matt’s help.

The Grouplink piece was written and directed and edited by Tripp, produced by Dave. Grouplink’s concept for this next year is communicating that life is full of risk and awkward moments but unless you take that first step, you won;t know what your missing. Grouplink is one of the most awkward places you will ever find yourself, in a circle with people you don’t know, being pushed to do life together. The first version of this concept was the middle school dance, and then this time, groups came to us with the idea of the skier kind of fumbling his way through the lift and then taking that first step towards the unknown of skiing. Tripp took the Panasonic HVX 200 with a kickin lens set-up, Dustin to help and then the actor. The actor went for free. All the guys got altitude sickness on their first two days in Colorado the the sky cleared up and had one AMAZING day of sun. They went from a Wednesday Morning until a Sunday night. They were able to shoot TWO of those days. Dave B. got ALL the logistics set-up and the guys didn’t have to worry about a thing. We got tickets for flight $199 each. Room under $79. Free rentals and lift tickets. I really do love this video. We actually made some changes from this one to include some more text throughout and a better/bigger payoff at the end (guy smiling a lot more). Tripp got some AMAZING shots. Dave, Tripp and Dustin, amazing job. Music from Bluefuse.

The strategic partners piece was to make attenders and visitors aware that there are other churches across the country that we call “Partners” that basically believe and run church the same way we do. Matt did this whole piece in After Effects and did a great job. He is really getting the little details down that I nitpick about so much, especially the shadows and reflections.

For the upcoming months Kelly is going to be highlighting specific environments and ministries that are going on in the morning or at church itself. This round we are talking about “Next” where people can take the next step in getting involved and see where they fit.

We then went on to highlight what Andy is talking about and then said goodbye. This whole TenBefore was a huge team effort and everyday I count my blessings that I get to work with a team of such talented individuals who trust each other.

Again, the TenBefore is meant to not just take the announcements out of the service but to start with the hopes of breaking down some walls for those that walk through our doors for the first time. My prayer is that when people see the TenBefore and Kelly’s warmth and some engaging content – they will be ready and open for what’s to come as well as lead them to the next step.

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4 thoughts on “Ten Before for the New Year! (Video Confessional)

  1. The GF and I were just exclaiming how we enjoyed the skiing video. Very well done. Nice, subtle, to the point. (Not that the middle-school dance one wasn’t just as fun.)

    The kidstuf video evoked a few laughs as well. Can’t wait to see what else the production team dreams up this year!

  2. Hey Loran – nope not for resale but it probably will be at some point. I don’t make those rules I am just asked to lead the team making the content. Sorry.

    Thank you Aaron. This week they added text to the GroupLink video that actually made it a little bit more obvious. It looks good.

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