Make your prediction for the Super Bowl

Who is going to the Super Bowl and who is going to win??
Great games this weekend. I would like to see either the Patriots go all the way or the Chargers. Patriots to go 19-0 or San Diego surprise everybody. San Diego because Norv Turner is the guy who is responsible for giving me a shot in the NFL. (Cowboys 1993, I ‘ll never forget it). Then he gave me shot in 1995 with the Redskins. In 1993 I was up against Jason Garrett for the number 3 spot (Aikman kinda had the number one spot in hand if you know what I mean.) Then in Washington, while Gus Frerrote and Heath Shuler were battling out #1 and #2 spot, Trent Green and I were battling for the #3 spot. The rest is history. I don’t regret any of it for a second.

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6 thoughts on “Make your prediction for the Super Bowl

  1. I am seriously holding out for the Pack on this one. I think the Patriots will go. And now that the Giants beat up the Cowboys, I see the Packers going as well.

    I’m just looking for a story book ending with Favre taking out the 18-0 Patriots.

    And Aikman’s got nothing on your video skills 🙂

  2. Someday I’ll post the story. It’s 5 years worth of ups and downs but lots of learning.

    Brent – Aikman is in broadcasting, but I bet he doesn’t know what a cross dissolve is!

  3. i’d love to hear the “glory days” story too 😉

    i’m gonna have to root for the ol’ man, Favre and the Pack. I’ve never been a Pats fan… I have a few (minor) reasons to dislike the Bolts, and the G-men… well, they’re in the NFC East with my ‘Skins… so, I can’t really root for them, now, can I?

    Go, Pack, go!

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