Global X Sunday Title Package (Confessional)

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For the first of the year we focused on Global X (our missions ministry).
A lot of different things happened during the service including incorporating other countries worship services (via taped video) into our worship experience while singing. It was a great Sunday. The print design of this came from missions so we took it into illustrator and cut out all the elements. The globe I used on this was from iStock and let me tell you, its the best looking globe I have seen. Great detail and texture on it. This was somewhat rushed but I think the execution came out well.
I still don’t know designed the original concept (Key Art) but I liked it. Funny story though, we were running in our own direction with a look and then in one of our meetings at the end of December Tomas said “Hey we have a T-shirt that has a pretty cool look on it.” I saw it and was like DUUUUHHHHHH. Then I shrunk in my seat and thought… “always ask the ministry your partnering with if they have a current look they would like to use.” We were running and gunning and didn’t stop to ask “hey maybe missions has something they are already working on”.

I am so glad they told us because it was a great look.

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5 thoughts on “Global X Sunday Title Package (Confessional)

  1. This kind of stuff makes me jealous! It looks really good – my favorite part is towards the end with the subtle grunge elements just kid of floating around. Awesome.

  2. Most everything I do Alex has some sort of Particle in it. It just creates movement and texture and often times, gives it that little pizzaz that the video needs. Subtlety.

  3. Actually Trevor – the elements were done in After Effects (Keying, graphics and the set) but the final was done in Final Cut. We take Kelly’s keyed video and make that the top layer (Just underneath the clock) then put the background and any graphics below that. So final cut is the last place it goes. Matt on media is the guy that has the weekly job of putting it all together. We just give him a ton of elements (as well as the stuff that he creates) and he runs with it and creates three different versions – Buckhead, Browns Bridge, and North Point.

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