4 days of water leaks

It’s been brutal these last few days.
Thursday we discovered a leak in our roof as we were putting Christmas decorations away.
Friday we discovered a leak behind our refrigerator that we thought was because of the leak in the roof but after playing CSI for a while, figured out the two were unrelated. The refrigerator line had leaked.
Saturday got roofing guys out to get quote to fix roof. Decided on a price. they will come Monday.
Sunday night, heard a dripping noise right around the area where my office was in my basement. Turns out the dripping was from a leak in the MAIN WATER line just as it entered through the basement concrete. I temporarily patched it.
Monday called plumber for main line water leak and after investigating the decision was made to dig up outside the basement (6 feet down) and replace and seal copper tube that goes through concrete wall, as well as run a new water line from the street to my house (long story but Sharp Builders who built our neighborhood had issues and this decision was preventative).
Also Monday roofers came and fixed everything. $$$
Monday – Plumbing guys fixed everything $$$ and actually upped my water pressure (so there is a positive).
Worse part about the whole deal – I dented my BRAND NEW FRIDGE in my BRAND NEW KITCHEN in trying to CSI my way through the refrigerator leak. Yeah my yard is a disaster which means more $$$ to fix. But through all of this, did my freakin’ fridge have to get a small dent. That little sucker (which was my fault) sucked the life out of Jiyoung and I.
Then the topper. The dog threw up four times because he ate the mud that the plumbers dug up. Twice outside. Twice in the garage. Seriously. Shoot me.
How are my kids you ask? Through all of this, they didn’t see daddy at his best.
It’s been brutal.

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6 thoughts on “4 days of water leaks

  1. I will leave it to your imagination. I will say the one word that describes what my kids were thinking –
    Daddy was unavailable. So much for good quality time.
    Still bitter.

  2. i started to comment on this the other day but found myself speechless. so, i think my only appropriate response can be…

    [[[[ a moment of silence to pay respects to the dent ]]]

    i’m so, soooo sorry. it’s a new year. maybe – – go work on a video. that usually works for me. πŸ™‚

    as for the dog eating mud…. [sigh]. i think you might have a pretty good argument for trading in on a cat. πŸ˜€

    make it great!

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