HD DVD or Blu Ray

Costco had a CRAZY deal right after Thanksgiving. Online they were offering an HD DVD player from Toshiba with 2 HD DVD’s included (see picture) and then a mail-in rebate for 5 more HD DVD’s (from a selection of 14, some good some not so good). All of this for the low price of $150 bucks. So I dove into the HD DVD world. I have no idea which is gonna win but as they battle it out, online distribution is reaping the benefits. Do you own either BluRay or HD DVD?
Hd Pics 1

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7 thoughts on “HD DVD or Blu Ray

  1. Neither yet.. have to get the TV. But I’d go HD DVD. They are getting the momentum, and the penetration. Plus the fact that more distribution houses are leaving Blue Ray because of mastering difficulties… Sony is huge in itself so Blue Ray isn’t dead… but.

  2. I am waiting to see who wins. Right now, I think Blu Ray is a better choice, but I think HD-DVD will win in the end. If you look past the small percentage of people who know about both and look to the majority, they have no clue what a Blu Ray is, and if they know what a DVD is, they can easily guess what a HD-DVD is.

  3. Miranda and I got that Toshiba HD-DVD player a few months back when it was $150 at Walmart; great player, great upconversion, everything. Of course it was just a matter of time before we decided that we needed a Blu Ray-capable PS3 as well, for which we finally coughed up the dough yesterday (now we have both, and I feel invincible when I walk into Blockbuster). I’m glad we did; the same day we went Blu Ray, this story broke out:


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