Christmas Title Package

We had a great Sunday before Christmas.
Thought I would throw up the title package I did before Andy went up.
The kerning and spacing is off a touch but I do like the simplicity of it.


Video confessional in a nutshell:
Created it in After Effects –
Took the tree that MIke cut out from iStock. Threw it into the same base design from the whole look of “Be Rich”. Pulled the frame out a little and added a big drop shadow for depth. Put everything in 3-d and added light. Did slow camera pull out. Snow was made in Particular and if you look very carefully, you will see the lights glimmering on the tree. The white lights on the tree was made with Particular preset but made sure nothing moved, then added Starglow. To create the glimmer, Tripp and I brainstormed and used Fractal Noise with high contrast and then used it as a track matte. Worked like a charm. Added text.

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2 thoughts on “Christmas Title Package

  1. Hello Bernard – In this instance Reid from our music department recorded a 30 second piano piece taken from part of the service. We stayed in the same key with so the transition was smoother.
    Thanks for the questions.

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