“Be Rich” Campaign

Based off of an earlier series we did this fall called “How to be Rich”, North Point, Browns Bridge, and Buckhead launched a huge initiative this Christmas season called “Be Rich”. We wanted to push our attenders, members, basically anybody that was listening to GIVE. Not to any of the three campuses but to give locally to specific charities and also to some needs around the world. This video that will show Dec. 23rd tells the story and gives the results. The numbers are not pledges. They are real dollars that people gave.
Be Rich-1

Video Confessional:
Music, music, music
. If you are thinking about doing a mission’s piece go get copyrights for Tim Hughes’ song “God of Justice”. It is absolutely perfect and speaks truth to what we want people to hear and do. Tyler from Browns Bridge lead the way with this song and EMI is so easy to get rights from to play it synced with video. (I also recommend Fee’s “Burn for You” ) Audio is 3/4’s of the viewers experience and this song took this video to a whole new level. We were originally going to open with a live children’s choir singing “Some children see Him” and this video playing behind it but it didn’t feel right. We separated the two and used “God of Justice” from our original promo and it worked so much better.

The original look for the Be Rich campaign started with Groups and they were using a guy by the name of Jeff Gribble from Design Industry. We went through a couple of renditions and finally landed on something that everybody was happy with for print. Mike did a great job implementing the design into different quips and even continuing the brand into Christmas where we added the tree.
Berich Evite Tree

(back to the video) – Matt (from Media) had a vision for this baby from the beginning and ran with it. He pretty much owned this edit from the start using After Effects and Final Cut. (Heck two years ago I taught Matt After Effects and now he is doing circles around me.) I LOVE the addition of the heart exploding that we grabbed from the original promo. Matt put it in just the right spot. Dave (from Media) scheduled all the shoots (around 15 or so) throughout the 4 weeks so we had footage GALORE to work with. Dave, Matt, Tripp, and our old intern Mark shot at different times throughout the 4 weeks. We also included what Ryan and Josh shot at Browns Bridge and Buckhead. Global X and Groups provided additional content and stats to complete the video.

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3 thoughts on ““Be Rich” Campaign

  1. Brad, this is a POWERFUL piece! The music choice is great, the visual concept is creative, and the text font is simple and classy (was that Times New Roman or some variation?). Really wonderfully done…

    I didn’t realize that going through EMI was an easy feat. Did you guys end up exchanging money with them? There have been a few times where I’ve been tempted to use a Chris Tomlin song or something for a freelance piece, but the people I contract with tend to think of EMI as a monster. Any tips on this would be phenomenally helpful…

  2. Thanks Trey.
    Joe – We have somebody that helps us with all of our copyright requests for both product and live. From what I understand anything through EM I, especially Christian artist we can get in a flash. Anything else, there’s no guarantees. Yes we do have to pay for the rights to sync a song to video and show it in a venue. It is perfectly LEGAL however to play a video from one machine, and then play the song from the front the house. Make sure you push play at the same time and your good. IF you would like to talk to the gal we use let me know at bbretz@mac.com and I will give you her info.
    Thanks Joe.

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