“Jawbone” Bluetooth Earpiece

Ok, so my dad got me an early Christmas present. A bluetooth, handsfree earpiece that is suppose to be SPECTACULAR.
I am going to put it through the ringer and see if it really is Steve Jobs choice for Bluetooth ear pieces. I went to “Jawbones” website and saw this video that is well, quite impressive.

JawboneJawbone 2

Do you own one?
I promise I will only wear it in the car and not walking around.

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9 thoughts on ““Jawbone” Bluetooth Earpiece

  1. Yes… you heard it here first. I will keep this bad boy IN MY CAR AT ALL TIMES. It will not be in meetings or on the premises of North Point, malls, house, etc..
    But tell me how you really feel about people wearing these things. 🙂

  2. I do own one of these…I ended up going back to my old Jabra after using this for several weeks. People said that they could hear me really well…but I could barely hear them! Volume up on the phone and the jawbone…no dice. The sound quality on my end was so bad I stashed it in a desk drawer, never to be seen again. I hope it’s better for you.

  3. Yeah Matt, I am working through that. It’s not too bad. To me I am only using this in the car so if I can hear it then I am golden. I think it might depend on which phone you use as well. Thanks for the comment.

  4. Pretty hot, but for $120, I think I’ll wait. 😉

    And please don’t walk around with that roach in your ear if you’re not using it. I just want to punch people in the face when I see it used as some sort of fashion accessory.

  5. Aaron… please tell me how you really feel.
    Yes I plan to use this in the car only. Please don’t hit me though if by chance you see me wearing it.

  6. Guys,

    I just got one of these to use. Prior to this I was using The Samsung WEP410 Which looks very Similar to the New “Jawbone”. I was having trouble with background noise so a Friend recommended that I get it. So I got it and it almost eliminates all background noise which is great!
    But I’m having a problem with setting the Ringer Volume!

    The Thing is too Freaking Loud!

    It hurts my ear every time it rings! I’ve tried everything and looked Through the manual 3 times and there is nothing saying how to reduce the Ringer Volume!

    A friend of mine said that the ringer volume is Hard Coded? Is this True?

    I mean the whole point of this is to make communication easier! but what good would it be if it’s making me go deaf?

  7. I’m getting a Jawbone 2 to replace a Samsung WEP500 (great size, lousy ear fit and bad performance in even moderately noisy environments,) and I *will* wear it outside my vehicle. It’s not a fashion accessory: My principle point in having a Bluetooth earpiece is to avoid pumping high-wattage RF through my head. You folks might be happy you did the same ten years from now.

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