January and the TenBefore

We shot on Tuesday (Dec. 17th Kelly’s segments for the first two weeks of January for TenBefore. We always take off December and the summer time to catch up on things and allow our team AND the audience a little break. I took a few shots of Kelly (she gave me a little wave) as well as Dave (media team) and Sunny (she produces Kelly’s segments and just overall ROCKS!). Sunny has one of the toughest jobs keeping all of Kelly’s content in sync for which campus she is talking too. This year Kelly will be talking a lot more to people who are attending the first time and pointing them to the different environments on campus that they might not know is available. We are also trying to figure out a winter theme.

Kelly 10B4-1Kelly 10B42-1
We shoot in the KidStuf Theater and Dave is the master now of getting a GREAT setup for a great looking TenBefore. If his part doesn’t happen well, then it effects EVERYTHING down the line. If you want a great key, start with a good set and great lighting. He also captures the footage and edits the segments together then passes it to me and I key all the green out and give it to Matt who does his magic and throws it to the Final Cut timeline for the final version. This last fall we decided to go with more templated pieces for easier compositing (Kelly’s Name – Maps – Intro – etc..) It’s not as organic from week to week but it does speed things up a bunch. If you want to see one of the earlier ones from November click here.

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4 thoughts on “January and the TenBefore

  1. I love that you guys shoot in the KidStuf Theater! Resourceful. (Although I’m sure setup and teardown can be a beast from week to week…)

    Your team does a terrific job of keeping the fill even and clean on the fabric as well as Kelly. I can’t quite tell by the picture–how many lights do you use in total?

  2. I asked Dave for the details of the lighting. Just call him Mr. Thorough!

    “We use Arri lights but truly any good light kit should work.

    1-For Kelly’s key light we two lights. A 650W Arri Fresnel with a small Chimera Soft Box and a 1K with Matthews diffusion flag over it. The idea behind the key light for Kelly or whomever your subject will be is that you want soft lighting that does not cast harsh shadows onto the green syc. Both of these lights are located about 5 to 6 feet away from the subject with one light acting as a stronger key and the second as a center fill (located much closer to the camera than the first light). You want to watch for and avoid double shadows on your subjects face.

    2-For Kelly’s backlight and a good overall fill light for the floor we use one Arri 1K. This light is located directly above and behind Kelly. For this lights placement we have found that about 12 feet back and 12 feet high works for this strong a light. We do not diffuse this light but you will want it flooded and flagged so that no light is shining into your camera’s lens.

    3-Now for the final step, you will want to light the syc wall. We use this 2 Arri 650 watt lights for this. These lights are placed about 6 feet forward and 4 feet out away from the back syc wall. We do flood these lights and angle them in such a way that the focus of the light is on the back syc wall and not spilling all over the unused set.

    That pretty much does it. Remember the goal is to have the back syc wall evenly lit with no harsh shadows. We have found that you can experiment all you want with your subjects lighting.”

  3. Wowsa! This is extremely helpful–please pass on a HUGE thanks to Dave for sharing those details so readily; you guys are always so willing to pull back the veil on your projects and it’s great to see how it comes together. This is also some of the best and most helpful greenscreen advice I’ve heard in a long time (especially knowing how solid the TenBefore looks each week). Your setup is a lot simpler than I thought it would be and that’s very encouraging. Thanks again!

  4. I’m sure you all will do a great job. I’m always impressed with the multi-media productions of the Church and even if it doesn’t live up to the media team’s standards, the audience probably wouldn’t know the difference. 🙂

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