Mom and Dad coming in from California

For those of you that don’t know, I grew up in San Jose, California all my life.
I moved to Nashville for a year and a half and then to Atlanta in ’98. I am always excited to see my mom and dad. Jake and Jillian LOVE their grandparents and get spoiled big time. They are both retiring in January and the hope is that they will make the jump from California to Atlanta permanently. They are coming in the middle of some craziness (redoing kitchen and starting brand new series at North Point).

Anybody have any good ideas as to what to cook when you have no kitchen? Any “stovetop” favorites out there for the ol’ microwave?
I am looking forward to seeing some new restaurants, maybe.


8 thoughts on “Mom and Dad coming in from California

  1. Hello,

    I’m a regular attender at the Alpharetta campus and volunteer on the tech team for Upstreet. The thought just occurred to me last night that some staff might be blogging and I ran a search and found yours. This is an awesome resource, thanks for sharing!

    I just moved to the ATL myself about 2 years ago, came here from the Nashville area which I moved to in 2000. (Grew up outside of Tampa, FL)

    Anyway, Microwave favorites – we have a convection microwave so we get a lot more options such as pizzas and such. Mac and Cheese, chicken nuggets, and fish sticks are always a kid favorite and easy to nuke. (I have two boys, 7 and 6)

    When we were married back in ’98, we received 4 crock pots as wedding gifts and hung on to most of them for the longest time, I’ll have to double check with my wife to see if we still have an extra or not, you’re welcome to it. If we’ve given away the last extra already, you are still welcome to borrow ours if it would help, you can buy ready made crock pot meals in the frozen section and tends to have a better menu then microwave limitations.

    Of course, no shortage of restaurants in Alpharetta.

    Hope we can meet some day, I’d love to get involved more at NP.

  2. Brad –

    What about the grill? it’s still about 70 degrees outside and you can cook almost anything on the grill – ours even has a burner for a pot if you wanted to make something in a pot…

    Oh, and my favorite thing to cook in a microwave… baked sweet potatos… just poke a few holes in the sweet potato with a fork and then wrap it in a wet paper towel. Microwave for ~5min depending on the size of the potato…top with butter and a little brown sugar… yummy!

    But definitely let us know what good new restaurants you find…

  3. There’s always the microwave lasagna trays from Stouffer’s or Encore. Or you can microwave a bunch of Michelina’s, Lean Cuisines or the like so everyone gets there own “bowl”. When we remodeled our kitchen, the only thing standing was the stove so we lived on frozen pizza on paper plates. Remember, anything you eat at home requires doing dishes. I did not want to do dishes in the bathtub or bathroom sink. My vote? Carry out using the remodel budget!

  4. There are some really good soup and stew starters in the soup aisle. Throw in some beef and extra veggies…you are good to go. Also, Goldbergs makes some great heat and serve breakfast food. Good luck!!!

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