Date night with Jillian

So Friday night Jake had a “Cars” movie night at North Point and Jiyoung volunteered. So Jillian and I painted the town RED!! Jiyoung drove the kids to church where Jillian first wanted to draw in my office. SHe loves the big ink board and could just draw forever. Then I said “Hey Jillian, lets go play drums in the auditorium.” She said yes and we went over to the west auditorium to kick a groove. She said down and to my surprise, there were no sticks around. So I started playing with my hands lightly  and hit the kick pedal. After about, I swear, 20 seconds – she said “Daddy, I don’t like this music”. That was the end of that.We then went to “mama’s” for pizza where it was loud and took way to long for the food. We got to talk and stare at people. After that it was time for a little DAIRY QUEEN which is her favorite place to go. Nothing like a little dipped cone to top off a date with my daughter. Then we went home for bed time. I love my little princess. I keep telling her “Jillian, you make me smile” and she just laughs…. 


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