Today (Life Lessons over lunch shoot and Designing the new Media offices)

Today was one of those days that I didn’t see half my team because of a video shoot at a secret location (down the road at NP’s other offices)(not really secret). Tripp and Dave led the charge for a LLOL video – thats fancy talk for “Life Lessons over Lunch”. This ministry utilizes the DVD’s that North Point creates so business leaders can play them during a lunch that he/she provides food for. Totally voluntary and reaelly effective. I absolutely LOVE the script and I think will speak to so many people that are trying to have an impact on the lives of those at work but will not step foot into a church.
I also spent a ton of time talking through the future plans for the new media offices. I am soooooooo dang proud of my team and how hard they work. Whenever you are dealing with media and print – it’s not just that you are getting it done but also realizing it’s going to get judged and criticized and critiqued every week. I am glad I am surrounded by people I trust, otherwise this job would be very frustrating. Knowing that my team and the other campuses have great hearts and great eyes for quality, criticism becomes a hot commodity that pushes you to be better.


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