Jake’s First Day of Kindergarten

There are will always be firsts in the life of your child. Today, was my son’s first day at Kindergarten and really the first time he has been at a completely different location other than North Point’s weekday program for school. Jiyoung and I decided to drive Jake to school together and it was absolutely memorable. Jake got dressed in his school uniform (Horizon Christian Academy in Cumming, GA) and we took him to his class where they, get this, let you take a picture of him on his first day. I remember when my mom walked me to school and said “good luck”. Ok she didn’t do that but I don’t remember a picture with my folks on the first day. Anyways… the first part of the day was over – the drop off. But then as my day went on, I couldn’t wait to hear about how Jake’s first day went. Then Jiyoung called me and passed the phone to Jake…. and he couldn’t stop talking about how much fun he had. The teachers also said Jake had a GREAT day. It was soup to my soul. Jiyoung and I prayed about what school, his new friends, great teachers…. so far we are off to a great start. Jillian started off her day in her new three’s class and she did great as well. So proud of both of them. photo.jpg 


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