Hall of Fame and Michael Irvin

Sat down last night and watched Michael Irvin get inducted into the hall of fame. It was the second time in a year that I watched someone go to the hall of fame that i spent some time with while I was at the cowboys. First it was Troy Aikman – then it was Michael. I have never been one to brag about my time in Dallas -however I will never forget the 2 summers I spent there. It was a total of 8 months that I watched some of the greatest athletes work their butts off to win a championship and you can’t help to push yourself to keep up with their work ethics. I never saw the drugs, steriods or anything else that people label NFL players with. What I did see was guys having a TON of fun and working hard. Winning and being successful does that to you. A favorite story of mine about Michael Irvin is when he dislocated shoulder playing basketball. It was 3 days before training camp and he asked me to throw some routes with him. His left arm was in a sling but still wanted to go throw. I said “if anything more happens to that arm – you know that your not the one that is going to go home right?” He said “don’t worry I won’t go for anything I can’t catch but we won;t have to worry about that will we Brad”. We threw 50 or so balls and we missed 2. Both were my fault. Maybe I should have a category named Cowboy stories.  Good Times.BB 


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