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Make your prediction for the Super Bowl

Posted by Brad on January 13, 2008

Who is going to the Super Bowl and who is going to win??
Great games this weekend. I would like to see either the Patriots go all the way or the Chargers. Patriots to go 19-0 or San Diego surprise everybody. San Diego because Norv Turner is the guy who is responsible for giving me a shot in the NFL. (Cowboys 1993, I ‘ll never forget it). Then he gave me shot in 1995 with the Redskins. In 1993 I was up against Jason Garrett for the number 3 spot (Aikman kinda had the number one spot in hand if you know what I mean.) Then in Washington, while Gus Frerrote and Heath Shuler were battling out #1 and #2 spot, Trent Green and I were battling for the #3 spot. The rest is history. I don’t regret any of it for a second.

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6 Responses to “Make your prediction for the Super Bowl”

  1. inWorship said

    I am seriously holding out for the Pack on this one. I think the Patriots will go. And now that the Giants beat up the Cowboys, I see the Packers going as well.

    I’m just looking for a story book ending with Favre taking out the 18-0 Patriots.

    And Aikman’s got nothing on your video skills :)

  2. bigtelicious said

    Pats baby. But I would love to see Favre and the Pack make it because then everyone is a winner.

  3. Chris said

    Patriots beat the Packers 31-21.

    You need to do a post someday talking about your NFL story and how all of that happened!

  4. Brad said

    Someday I’ll post the story. It’s 5 years worth of ups and downs but lots of learning.

    Brent – Aikman is in broadcasting, but I bet he doesn’t know what a cross dissolve is!

  5. inWorship said

    Brad, he’s just a pretty face.

    Of course this is not said to imply your ugly :)

  6. pete said

    i’d love to hear the “glory days” story too ;-)

    i’m gonna have to root for the ol’ man, Favre and the Pack. I’ve never been a Pats fan… I have a few (minor) reasons to dislike the Bolts, and the G-men… well, they’re in the NFC East with my ‘Skins… so, I can’t really root for them, now, can I?

    Go, Pack, go!

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